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Content Update January 28th, 2021

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A big hello to every valued member of BHP clan! Hope all of you're having a fabulous start of a new year where ever you are, and keeping yourself well protected in this precarious phase of Covid. BHP, after the gap of almost two months, turns up once more to unload its tech-cargo for all our visually impaired friends around the globe.

Yes, We are late, but overcompensating as You had to wait!

So here you are, The BHP container has hit your cyber island with plenty to give away as a first package of 2021, woohoo! The package contains 66, yes you read right, 66 items to enrich your shelves collection. These include updates of 46 previously posted programs as well as 20 newly showcased ones. The detail is as under:

Newly Added Content

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Updated Content

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That's it for now! Hope you would love this first installment of a new year with lots more coming up your way soon. So keep your fingers a crossed as BHP's tech-cargo will be back with the fresh lot again!

Have a fantastic time and take lots of care of your health in these testing times.


Your very own, Blind Help Project.