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Covid-19 Resource Center

A brand-new section is here to facilitate and entertain the fans and followers around the globe in order to spread positivity, which will allow us to stay updated with the happening around in this hard time on Earth. Covid19 pandemic is a problem which directly effects on a human mind and considered as an inciting panic for a number of reasons.

BHP is here to reduce the stress by providing authentic and most desired, accessible statistic tracker, authentic information in the form of relative NEWS, and a good amount of community-driven resources, which would be an interesting activity in such a difficult time.

Remaining stay away from the situation is not the solution, we have to keep ourselves busy to pass this time. Otherwise we are going to kill ourselves from our own hands. Yes, nowadays our mind is the biggest enemy of ourselves. Neither corona, nor anything else.

Covid-19 Tracker

An accessible, feature rich real time statistics tracker. The layout is designed with simplisity in mind. It tells both the global and country specific cases, recoveries, deaths, criticals and more.

Our planet Earth is recovering at 71% out of 94284069 total cases.

Covid-19 Resources

A community-driven resource section of Covid-19. Whether you are looking for entertaining ways of passing time or want to utilize the time in learning new skills, The community suggests resources for every mood to help you stay productive during the pandemic.

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Sana Javed from Pakistan

Covid-19 NEWS

In the era of misinformation and rumers, this is a place to get up-to-date NEWS from the world's top trusted sources and stay away from fake news.

Air travel down 60 per cent, as airline industry losses top $370 billion: ICAO

Published on Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 02:07

A new report from the UN’s air transportation agency confirms there was a “dramatic” fall in international air travel due to COVID-19, of around 60 per cent over the course of last year, to levels last seen in 2003.