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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

BookShare In Pakistan!

First time in Pakistan, BHP proudly presents free Bookshare membership for people with print disability. We have collaborated with Bookshare to launch their services in Pakistan,and provide free accounts to those who are having print disability and applied for membership via our online form. Everyone who needs an account to use Bookshare for free, can submit their applications below. After necessary verification process, you will be granted an account and notified via e-mail, so, you’ll be able to use services for lifetime!

What is “Bookshare”?

Bookshare is a world's largest electronic library for people with print disability, which is distributing millions of books online. The books can be obtained in various formats including

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • Word document
  • DAISY with HTML
  • MP3 audio.

The Bookshare’s services are only available to its members. The International membership is paid, which means you need to be subscribed to for a small amount to access thousands and millions of e-books via your web browser. Smartphone lovers? No problem! Bookshare is there for you. You can download the Bookshare application on your android or iOS device, login to your account, and enjoy the portable experience of  reading treasure.

Through its extensive collection of educational and popular titles, specialized book formats, and reading tools, Bookshare offers individuals who cannot read standard print materials the same ease of access that people without disabilities enjoy.


Bookshare was made possible by “Benetech”, a non-profit enterprise organization of Palo Alto California, USA in 2002. With the passage of time, Benetech partnered with more than 850 publishers to add existing and new releases of books to Bookshare’s digital library. Benetech also partnered with many libraries to distribute accessible material to individuals with qualified disabilities.

In upcoming years, Bookshare expanded its services worldwide (outside of USA) by providing membership opportunities to the citizens of many countries.

While continuing their expansion process... And by the huge efforts of BHP team, it is now coming to Pakistan to serve the local community and fulfill all their educational and reading needs.

Benefits of Bookshare

Following are the key benefits of Bookshare library:

  1. Something for Everyone: Whether you are a Child, a Teen-ager or an adult, Bookshare has something for you.
  2. Vast Range of Material: from educational to pleasure reading, newspapers to magazines, informational and everything in between, Bookshare has gotten it all.
  3. Massive Range of Categories: From nature to technology, business to music, humor to horror, education to entertainment, literature to drama, medicine to military, poetry to politics, spirituality to romance. You won’t find any topic missing!
  4. Portability: Beside accessing on your computer/laptop, you can take Bookshare on the go through their Android and iOS app.
  5. Awards: Want the best of best? Bookshare organizes several different awards where a panel of experts and Public’s votes select the best titles by their subjects. So you don’t need to research to find the best title.

Facts & Figures

Below are some of the incredible facts and figures about Bookshare.

  • Total Number of Books: 631,115 and this number is always growing.
  • Total Books Categories: 50+.
  • Country’s covered: 70+.
  • Estimated Number of users: 460,000+.
  • Total Publishers: 850+.
  • Number of Serving Years: 16.

Objectives of this Collaboration

As BHP is serving the visually challenged community for over 4 years across the globe to improve their lives, letting them be inspired, educated, entertained and employed through the means of modern technology and providing them vast range of digital resources to fulfill the said targets. As books are the vital source of knowledge of any type, and a huge digital library exists to provide the massive range of books globally. But it was not available in Pakistan until now. Therefore, to fill this gap, BHP has initiated this collaboration in order to:

  1. Bring Bookshare in Pakistan.
  2. Provide free Bookshare accounts to all Pakistanis.
  3. Possibly host Bookshare in an event or conference in Pakistan.
  4. Provide awareness of various digital book formats to the students, teachers and publishers.
  5. Encourage publishers of Pakistan to publish their books in digital form to the Bookshare library, thus providing access to all Print Disabled individuals.

How to Apply for the Free Membership?

The membership will be available for free of charge if anyone submits their application form online through our Website by following the link below. We’ll investigate about the provided data and then forward your information to Bookshare membership department for further processing. If they find you well, they’ll notify you about your new account via e-mail.


Following is the Eligibility Criteria for obtaining free membership of Bookshare:

  1. You must be the citizen of Pakistan
  2. you must have a print disability that severely inhibits or prevents you from reading traditional print materials. This may include:
  • Learning disability such as dyslexia that significantly interferes with reading.
  • blindness or low vision, E.G; not being able to read the standard print.
  • any physical disability which interferes with reading.

So, what are you waiting for! Don’t miss this golden opportunity, Click on “apply for Bookshare” link, and take your first step towards an ocean of knowledge.

Apply For Bookshare