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Eloquence TTS for all operating systems

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Eloquence Text To Speech For Android

ETI-Eloquence Text To Speech (TTS) is an Android ported version of the popular Eloquence Text-To-Speech synthesizer. ETI-Eloquence is a TTS engine that you can use in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Screen readers and applications for blind people (like Talkback, shine plus or Mobile Accessibility)
  • GPS software (like Google Maps)
  • E-book readers (like Play Books)
  • Translators (like Google Translate)
  • And many more!

The main features of ETI-Eloquence TTS are:

  • 10 languages included. US English, UK English, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), German, Finnish (Finland), French (France), French (Canada), Italian and Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Speed and pitch configuration
  • User Dictionary: possibility to add, edit or remove words from a dictionary to customize the pronunciation

Once the application is installed on your device, you can make ETI-Eloquence your default TTS engine by going to Settings > Language & input > Text-to-Speech output and checking "ETI-Eloquence TTS" as your default preferred engine. All Android devices from 4.0 onwards are supported.

Get the download links at the end of this post.

Eloquence Addon For NVDA

This add-on brings you the Eloquence voice to the freeware screen reader called NVDA! The NVDA by default comes with eSpeak NG, but by installing this add-on, you can use your favourite text-to-speech engine "eloquence" all along with the freedom of power of NVDA! all 13 languages are supported, those are available with other commercial screen readers. This is  the same version featured in Freedom Scientific's JAWS for Windows software. Find Download Link below And Make Your NVDA More Better.

Eloquence For Sapi 4

This is a SAPI 4 version of the popular Eloquence Text-To-Speech synthesizer. ETI-Eloquence for Windows is a TTS engine that you can use in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Screen readers like NVDA, JAWS, Window Eyes, etc.
  • Application for blind people that need to produce text to audio.
  • E-book / DAISY readers like AMIS.
  • And many more!
    Once the application is installed on your computer running Windows, you can select ETI-Eloquence TTS voice in the application of your choice.

Note: This is not the official code factory product, but its a personal-ported version of eloquence to sappi4, which sometime do not work under specific circumstances and with some screen readers. Give it a try and let us know about the results.

The sapi5 edition is currently not available for free, if you still want to get it, just buy the sapi5 version from the official CodeFactory page

Voxin Text To Speech Engion For Linux

World Most Popular Text To Speech Engion For Linux!. This is Eloquence for linux. Yes you can download and use for free. we have finded this very hardly and made available for you. Find Download Link Below And Enjoy Your Favourit Text To Speech Engion with Linux.

note 1. the eloquence version 1.4.1 is not an official one, but its free from all the bugs that were found in the official v1.3.3. note 2. The voxin 2.0 for linux is here. but only for english language. Enjoy