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Edu Learn V1.1

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Aimed at young children, EduLearn is a program designed at teaching young children how to speak and recognise images.
It is made for children who watch their parents and are interested in why they are pressing keys on a keyboard.
For the number row, the background of the screen changes colour and the number followed by the colour is announced.


The usage of the program is simple, as you may expect.
Simply press any key on the keyboard and you will hear a sound.
For the numbers 1 to 0, the number is spoken, followed by the colour of the background screen. The screen colour changes for each number key pressed.
For the letters a to z, if pressed once, the letter is spoken, if pressed again, a word is spoke, for example:
Along with this, a picture of the object is shown on the screen.
for all the other keys, either sounds designed at making a child laugh, or educational sounds are played such as various bird types, bees, dogs and so on.
For the windows key, a loud, if amusing sound is played designed at telling the parent when the child has left the window.
To exit, press escape.