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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM


Despite the name, Private Browsing Mode doesn't offer 100% privacy. It does, however, keep your browser from saving your browsing history, searches, passwords, web cookies and all kind of information that could be stored in a common browsing session. This means that every time you close the browser with Private Browsing Mode enabled, the next time you open it  you'll be automatically logged out of your logged sessions on that site.

If you are into microblogging, such as Twitter, you may have seen links like popping into your timeline more often than not. This is what we call a shortened link.

If you never paid much attention to these links, perhaps you should keep reading this article. Hopefully at the end of your reading you will have learned something new :)

Back in 2017, Microsoft announced a new app called Seeing AI. The app was a game changer for the entire blind and low vision community.

Just in case you don't know, starting from Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft will no longer backup your Registry. And don't feel bad if you weren't aware of it, as neither was I (thanks, gHacks, for letting me know).

Whenever you uninstall a program, it's not hard to find parts of it still floating around somewhere along on your system. This happens due to fragmentation of said program, which can use several folders. As an example, some programs will use both folders in Program Files and in AppData\Roaming.

There are a few programs that will take care of these pieces of programs left after an uninstallation. One of these programs, for example, is IObit Uninstaller.

Quite a while ago, Microsoft started showing that they are indeed taking accessibility concerns into account. As a result, with every update from the Windows side, we can expect for some accessibility improvement. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. What we know is that we'll always have something new to look into or play with.

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There are countless challenges that a blind or person with vision loss face on daily basis. Some are easy to face and some are not. One of the biggest among them is identifying currencies, in particular banknotes. Because coins are easy to distinguish by their size and embossed pattern. Although digital wallets are rapidly replacing the traditional cash money, still they have a long road ahead. And the influence of currency is so much in our lives that it’s not something which can simply be ignored.

Hello there, this is Hamza. Today we would be talking about the captchas and will focus on the new update out there regarding the issue on the market.

A captcha is a string of written letters and numbers which are hard for a computer to read but relatively much easier for a human to identify. it is a machine generated challenge to identify and distinguish the human input from of robots.

How Facebook Auto Liker, Twitter Auto Follower and Instagram Auto Follower works and whether you should use them or not.

Good day everyone! Which type of networks that you use in your daily lives? The Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network or Wide Area Network? Regardless which type of networks that you using, this article is for you. In this article I going to discuss about Advantages of Using Networks in you daily lives especially in the business environment.



Good day everyone! In this article, I going to talk about what is Local Area Network (LAN) along with the Differences between LAN and other Types of networks that commonly used in our daily lives. Without further talking, let’s get started.


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Good day everyone! Have you ever download any music from the internet and you found that the properties of those music files are not your desire one? If your answer is yes, I have a good news for you. Actually, you are able to edit the properties of those music files such as the name of the song, the name of the author, the name of publisher, the name of album and so on just by using the window explorer built-in your Microsoft Windows computers.