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Good day everyone! In this article, I going to talk about what is Local Area Network (LAN) along with the Differences between LAN and other Types of networks that commonly used in our daily lives. Without further talking, let’s get started.


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Good day everyone! Have you ever download any music from the internet and you found that the properties of those music files are not your desire one? If your answer is yes, I have a good news for you. Actually, you are able to edit the properties of those music files such as the name of the song, the name of the author, the name of publisher, the name of album and so on just by using the window explorer built-in your Microsoft Windows computers.


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Good day everyone! Today I going to guide you throughout the process of installing the Wamp server in your personal computers. If you don’t know what is Wamp server or what you can do with it, please kindly read this post  in our software library. You also can download Wamp server from this post  in our software library to be install in your computers. Without any further talking, let’s get started.



A Database management system (DBMS) is a system software for creating and managing databases. The DBMS provides users and programmers with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage data. A DBMS makes it possible for end users to create, read, update and delete data in a database. Please read article Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS)in our blog to learn more about the Database management system (DBMS).



            Databases is widely use in any business organization for them to store, manage and analyze various data that they collect in their daily operations. Various usage of database in business organization along with the key issues faced by them are discuss below. If you doesn’t know what is database and what it is use for, please kindly read this article in our blog.



Microsoft toolkit is a successful activator of Microsoft windows and office family for free through KMS (key management service). it can be used to activate following products:


Whenever you purchase a new iOS devices like iPhone, have you ever realize its status? If your answer is no, this article will guide you through out the process of understand it.


Hello guise I am Aryaman and I am back again and today I am going to tell you all about sherlock homes book named as the memoirs of sherlock Holms by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. so this article will be purely based on this book, and on my reviews about this book.

my reviews on the book 

my reviews on the book are

hi guise I am aryaman and this is my first article that I am writing I live in India and study in a school which is tagore international school I have played manamon for 2 years. and I would like to review it because, I think this is a good game and people should give it a try.


Hi everyone, Here we are with an important announcement explaining the realities of Crack of JAWS 2018 that is going viral for no purpose, as well as the reasons behind not providing officially by Blind Help Project.

Realities of Currently Spreading Crack:

There are two types of cracks that are going viral on social media and creating wrong perception about us in public’s mind::

Dr Arvind singh

Hello there BHP members, friends and fellow technology enthusiast,
I come to you with another special  release from Apple Inc.

We are all aware of apple's commitment towards accessibility and has always been at the forefront advocating these features,
All apple devices, may it be the macintosh, the iphone, i-pad,apple TV, and apple watch, all come with it's own specially designed screen reader, in-built,  right out of the box

I believe most of the iPhone users had experienced problem or issue in which personal hotspot connected through their computer’s USB port is not functioning. Personal hotspot through USB means you use your IPhone as the source of internet connection by connecting your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable. Sometime, the personal hotspot from your iPhone does not function as you expected. However, please try the following ways to solve the problem.