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TW Blue - an accessible twitter client for windows, always latest version

Last updated on Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 01:38 by abdullah5490
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TWBlue is an application to make Twitter simple and fast, while using as few resources as possible. With TWBlue, you can do things like the following:

  • Tweet, reply to, retweet and delete tweets,
  • Mark and unmark a tweet as favourite,
  • Send and delete direct messages,
  • See your friends and followers,
  • Follow, unfollow, report and block a user,
  • Open a user's timeline to see their tweets separately,
  • Open URLs from a tweet or direct message,
  • Play several types of audio files from addresses,
  • And more.

Note: You can also download the additional soundpacks for twBlue of your choice from their official page at Here