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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2020

Listen walking head, today a request is knocking the door, and asking to put an eye on the past in order to learn from the experiences we have done before, and then to get prepare for an improved future. The time is here as a door to enter a brand-new year, which will bring us towards new prospects and opportunities. But in order to make ourselves able to get most out of them, we have to let us not repeat those unexcepted trades, which were causing trouble before. This is possible only if we look upon the past progress and performance.

In order to follow this tradition, BHP is here to present its sixth annual report, which is a source to present progress and performance of whole year in a systematic and organized manner. So without wasting a single moment, let’s quickly move toward it. A step down will make you at the destination.

Year 2020 was proved to be an inflating time in the history of BHP, as a number of new glowing stars came on board in order to serve the community in their own capacity and capabilities, which became possible by the dedicated hard work of human resource department throughout the year. Its further detail can be seen below respectively. Let’s begin ascendingly!

Progressing January

  • On 1st, Ms. Mehwish Ramzan rejoined as a Managing Director with a new spirit and dedication, and serve best in her capacity throughout the year by leading Human Resource Department, and managing the work flow of whole organization.
  • On 7, due to the sincere efforts of Documentation Department, the community policy was updated according to the behavior of community members observed at that time. The update contained expansion of point number 6. The task was led by Chief Executive Officer.
  • On 13th, BHP collaborated with Cash Reader - A Money Reading Mobile App for Blind & Visually Impaired. Hopefully this collaboration will bring new opportunities for community.
  • On 16th, due to the dedicated efforts of Social Relation Department in collaboration with Information Technology Department, another official platform has been added in social media network of BHP named telegram Group.
  • In this month, the progress of Content Department was higher than all other months, as it delivered a large number of content, which is 62.

Hardworking February

  • On 17th, BHP Faced an outside attack on file storage servers, in which their passwords were compromised, and all the data uploaded there was lost. Therefore IT Department quickly put website offline.
  • On 29th, within twelve days due to huge hard work of whole team, the website went online on its same grace. in this hard time span, front end fighters were from Content Department and IT Department.
  • On 21st, BHP purchased a new VPS in the form of Cloud Server, and then IT Department shifted the website on it.

Launching March

  • On 29th, IT Department developed two amazing sections on its website. one section was of TTS Voices with advanced filtration and searching options, and the other one was a dedicated section for written NEWS updates. It has the capability to have a verifiable Notification ID number according to an automatic pattern.

Twisting April

  • On 8th, BHP faced another attack. This time on one of major social media platforms called Mailing list, which caused it to be shut down.
  • On 11th, a new member joined as a Social Media Manager for Twitter named Ms. Sana Javed. She gave marvelous performance on her end throughout the year.
  • On 22nd, the IT Department launched new amazing section called covid 19 resource center, which was aimed to help community survive effectively in a productive manor during the pandemic.

Initiating May

  • In this month, Documentation Department Initiated working on the formal documents of the organization in order to bring innovation in the system.

Processing June

  • On 14th, Ms. Nabila Naeem joined the force of WhatsApp moderators in Female Group, as she was an active and efficient member of the group. Then she made management proud to have her.

Upgrading July

  • On 19th, a turning point came in the life of BHP as new departmental structure was adopted, which includes seven departments in 3 divisions.
  • On 14th, IT Department created a dedicated Mail account for public support named
  • On the same day, the international edition of female WhatsApp group was discontinued due to lack of community’s interest. The South Asian edition from where the idea was origenated is still flourishing.
  • Our generous supporters contributed with highest amount of $135 this month.
  • In this month BHP representatives also appeared in a public interview.

Envisioning August

  • In this month BHP collaborated with Envision.
  • On 14th, BHP appeared in a public webinar hosted by Envision.
  • On 20th, IT Department developed a web form for those Pakistanis, who want to purchase Envision AI in PKR via BHP.

Expanding September

  • On 29th, Ms. Laiba Khalid was appointed as Assistant CEO.
  • On 30th,, a new WhatsApp moderator Ms. Laiba Ganyani was appointed in female WhatsApp group.

Researching October

  • On 2nd, Ms. Sumaira Mubeen was appointed as a WhatsApp moderator.
  • On the same day, Ms. Arisha Karim was appointed as a documentation officer.
  • On 3rd, a research pertaining to taking a male tech expert on board for handling advance queries of participants got concluded with 47% participants in favour and 53% against the idea.
  • On 4th, Ms. Hira Javed was appointed as Facebook group moderator and content contributor.
  • On 15th, IT Department enhanced the software posts display and now the team member who last updated a post is also shown.

Achieving November

  • On 1st, Ms. Maria Qosar was appointed as female WhatsApp moderator.
  • On the same day, Ms. Ayesha Tahir joined as a graphic designer.
  • On 3rd, the CEO united whole team on one single platform to tackle the communication gap.
  • On 7th, Ms. Haleema Server was appointed as female WhatsApp moderator.
  • On 10th, an existing team member Mr. Hamza Nazeer who was on break, returned and began handling South Asian WhatsApp Group.
  • On 17th, BHP began nigociations with Vispero Group and in this regard all the posts related to JAWS for Windows were made offline.
  • On 26th, the female WhatsApp group achieved the milestone of 100 members after the efforts of 3 and a half years.

Refining December

  • On 6th, Telegram group was refreshed and watchman was remove to make the joining procedure easier.


Here comes the numbering time. Let's compare with the previous year!

  • The number of hits on the website was 7.1 million and is now 8.1 million, increment of 14%.
  • The members on our Facebook Group were 5001 and are now 6300, increased by 26%.
  • Our Facebook Page likes were 1664 and are now 2039, increased by 23%.
  • We had 292 Twitter followers, now we have 370, an increment of 27%.
  • Our Mailing List members were 1203 and now the mailing list is taking a pause.
  • On YouTube we had 1350 Subscribers and now we have 1750, increased by 30%.
  • Previously we had around 766 members on 5 WhatsApp groups and now we have around 784 on 4 groups, increased by 2%.
  • On our Telegram channel there were 127 subscribers and now we have 412, increased by 224%.
  • This year we added a new forum i.e. Telegram Group to accommodate our rapidly growing community. Within 349 days 445 members have joined.


The year 2020 began with high progress. Then our data was wiped but with hard work and unity we stood up quickly and with the spirit going up to the clouds. From there we launched two more wings to serve you. Then a twist came as a part of us Anaesthetized and we launched a big section to help you survive effectively during this difficult time. After that, revolution initiated and through a long process we upgraded the entire structure to meet the growing demand. When the tag "Envisioning" match then the handshake occurred. Due to the upgrade the setup kept expanding. We also conducted a research. Due to the strong community we achieved several milestones. At the closing of the year we refined a few things to get prepare for 2021.

Moreover, this year two existing members re-joined us and two collaborations were confirmed. 10 new shining stars joined the organization and they are taking BHP to new heights. The surprising factor is, all of these are ladies! From this angle, 2020 can be labeled as the Year of Women Empowerment.

The one liner for 2020 is, “I art pure help.”