Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Purchase Envision AI in Pakistani Rupees

In collaboration with Envision, BHP presents the mechanism to purchase the Envision AI app in Pakistani Rupees without any international Debit Card/PayPal. The process consists of five simple steps:

Step 1, Download Envision AI:

The first step is to download the Envision AI on your Android or iOS device. Upon installation, you have to login via any of the available methods in the app. You will need the email address associated with your Envision. You can confirm by going to Account Details option in the Help tab of the app.

Step 2, Select a subscription type:

Envision AI offers two types of subscription plans. Due to BHP's colaberation with Envision, you will also get 20% discount.

  1. Yearly Subscription: PKR 1200 instead of PKR 1590.
  2. Lifetime Subscription: PKR 14000 instead of PKR 15900.

Step 3, Submit the payment:

After deciding the subscription type, submit the payment accordingly via Jazz Cash in one of the following ways:

  • Via Till Number/Quickpay ID: From your jazz/warid SIM with registered JazzCash account dial *786*0#, Enter the Till Number “30668611” and proceed with payment. You can also use this Till Number to submit payment in JazzCash App.
  • Via QR: Scan the following QR Code in the JazzCash app.

JazzCash QR

After successful payment, note down the transaction ID. If you want to discuss other payment options, please email us at hello @

Step 4, Fill the form:

Fill the simple form below. After basic information, you have to enter Transaction ID you noted earlier in the last edit box.

Enter your full name
Choose your desired subscription type
Choose the platform for which you want to purchase the app.
Enter your valid phone number.
Enter the transaction ID of your payment.