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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Goodbye Groups.IO

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Greetings everyone. Here is a critical announcement. Our current Mailing List ( is shutting down. Some rich dollar guy who can afford everything or have access to everything as per desire because of being backed by giant organization or what have reported to administration and they have given us the notice that the group will be closed after 24 hours. If we calculate the closing time, then it is on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020, At 10:17 PM according to UTC/GMT. You all do not need to worry at all. We have exported all the data including your contact information. We will reach you out with our next plan.

Here the world is going down with the massacres of Covid-19, and rich people attempting to snatch access to digital resources from us. We will go to our maximum extent in supporting our community. No matter which hurdle they raise in front of us.

“They Hide, We Discover.

They Lock, We Unlock.

We are Technology Lovers.

We Are Blind Helpers.”

Since the launch of BHP our ultimate goal is to empower the blind and visually challenged community in the field of technology. So far, we have uplifted the thousands of neglected persons of developing world to a point where they are earning a decent income and living life with dignity.

In this time where an attempt to control the world with Covid-19 is being made, a side by side Psychological attack has also been launched via fake news and building pressure via digital campaigns. We are standing firm against the attack and building a Covid-19 resource center in the background since past few weeks. It will give you a powerful statistical tool as well as a portal to share experiences and resources to help each other in staying calm and productive during the pandemic lockdown. But they don’t care. They say your group is dedicated towards promoting cracks.

If they are backed by their worldly powers, then we are backed by our generous public. 1222 here, gathered in past 2 years and 8 months. And thousands on other platforms overall. As long as you all are with us, no one can shutdown us.

For saying anything after the removal of this group, you can email us at We also request to stay connected with us via our following official channels:

With this, time to say Goodbye to Groups.IO. We used to respect the platform a lot but. Anyways, We will soon gather up all somewhere else. Take great care of yourself and the people around you. Stay safe from all the viruses. Stay calm. Do not let yourself be panic at all. Difficult times are born to go away Afterall.

Best Regards,

The BHP Team.