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word Mixer

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You have given a set of letters and your mission is to create English words from it. Does it sound easily, right?
It's not really easy as you do think. In some cases it's even very hard and you can't do that without help from others.
Try your best to solve thousands of puzzles we bring to you in this Word Mixer game.

Main features:

  • - Thousands of puzzles from easiest to hardest.
  • - Simplified user interface fully compatible with screen readers.
  • - User authentication feature: if user signs in by Google account, game data is synced across their multiple devices.
  • - Coins system: users are rewarded by coins for solving puzzle. The coins can be used for hinting feature.
  • - Reward feature: 10 coins for solving a puzzle, 5 coins for finding extra word, 5 coins for each heart letter.
  • - Hint feature: user can request revealing a letter for 50 coins or revealing a word for 100 coins.

The game is played in portrait screen orientation. Screen is spitted to following areas (from top to bottom of screen)

  1. The list of words you have to create. Some letters are revealed in advance. Revealed letters are shown regularly, unrevealed letters are marked by "dot".
  2. A text view for the word being create with Submit button
  3. Buttons for creating your words: A set of letter's buttons and two special buttons: UNDO (removes last letter from your word) and ERASE (erases whole word you are creating).
  4. Info about current game: level and stage.
  5. Button Next Puzzle for opening new puzzle.

How to play:

  • - Create your words from given letters by clicking to letter's buttons.
  • - Click Undo or Erase to make correction if necessary.
  • - After completing your word, click Submit button to submit your word.
  • - If you successfully open all words, you won the puzzle.
  • - Click New Puzzle to play new puzzle.


- This game is a game of Pinocchio Game Collection - Collection of accessible games for blind and visually impaired people.
- It's free without ads.