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Khabri( Hindi Audio News)

Khabri( Hindi Audio News)
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Khabri enables you to listen to summarized news articles in Hindi & English and thus keep you updated with all the latest news, without having to take out additional time. It brings together the latest, most relevant news articles and trending stories from different sources across the world. Every article is summarized and then recorded by professional news readers, which you can listen as per your convenience. Every article is less than 1 minute long and thus you can have the crux of what’s happening around the world within minutes.


Here's what people say about Khabri!

1. The Economic Times:

Khabri is a unique offering.

2. The Street:

Khabri App Enables Busy Users to Access News More Easily.

3. NDTV Gadget 360:

Khabri to fill news gap on FM.

4. Stuff:

Khabri is a must download app of the month (November 2016).


Top Features:

  • Language Option: Listen to news in Hindi or English.
  • Auto Play: Just single tap on Auto Play icon to listen to all the top stories of the day or latest stories of a specific category.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with cars’ audio system & Bluetooth speakers.
  • Human Voice: The articles are not electronically read but recorded by experienced news readers.
  • Short and Crisp: Every news article is less than one minute long.
  • Create Playlist: Articles can be added to the playlist. The playlist can be further edited as per the user's convenience.
  • Download capability / Offline Mode: Articles from the playlist can be downloaded to be listened later, when internet is unavailable.
  • Minimal data usage: Optimized audio format to enable the best audio quality with minimum data usage.
  • Category: Khabri offers 6 news categories : India, World, Business, Technology, Sports and Entertainment.
  • Share News: Share news over SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook or any other app you have installed.
  • Push Notifications: Notifications for important news.
  • Simplistic Design: Simple and intuitive user interface for ease of use.