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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Speech Central

Last updated on Monday, August 14, 2017 - 11:04 by AbdullahZubair
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Browse the web while driving, running, doing housework

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it in front of the screen addicted to the web. With Speech Central you can take the web on the go.

Listen to the headlines from your favorite sites and select their linked articles to be read by using only the headphones or Bluetooth hands-free. For the first time feel the freedom without the need to prepare your text to speech session in advance.


Save an hour a day for yourself

Listening to the news and web articles on the go will save you the time in front of the screen at home. But the saving is double – screen is addictive and while you read you’ll probably waste your time doing useless things on the net. So one hour a day saved for you is certain for most of the users.


Fully Accessible

The app is tested to be accessible by visually impaired users. It has many features specifically tailored to users with disabilities like support for DAISY books, dyslexia friendly font, keyboard shortcuts for the most of commands available in the app and on the iPhone it can be controlled with headphone or Bluetooth hands-free buttons and functions of those buttons can be customized. Combined with the interactive web feature available in the app the latter may make the web much easier to access on the mobile device for a person with eyesight or related disability.


Just a tap to listen to the article later

Listening to your favorite sites on the go will free you of most of your screen reading, but you’ll still receive some articles from other sources like email or social networks. But don’t worry there is a trick for that. Use the system built-in share function and import of a web link from most of the apps (including all web browsers) is just a tap away.

Build your knowledge base

Your reading history is stored as Old Articles (Library on PC) and you can watch your knowledge base growing. Finding the items is easy – search for the item by its title or use the filter to nail down exactly what you are after. Also, don’t forget to mark the very best items as favorites and most important paragraphs as bookmarks, that will keep your knowledge base tidy, personalized and easy to browse.

And even if you accumulate quite a lot of items, you’ll be able to find them easier with powerful search and filters.


Create MP3s on PC

Turn the web articles, documents or e-books into an MP3 file and listen them on any device! No limit in the length of the document.

Export the MP3s and then you can listen to the content even on your old car stereo.