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learn Quran v4.74 premium

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All in one app to investigate how to recite a Quran. With technology, training how to recite a Quran is better, easier and faster than ever! Learn Quran provides extensive lessons trimming from really simple topics to modernized Tajweed lessons, creation this app suitable for learners during.

The beautiful voices in Learn Quran go to a hafiz and venerable Quran teacher. The app has been checked by Quran scholars. We wish we to learn from a experts! More than 600,000 people in some-more than 190 countries have used Learn Quran. Everyday, thousands of people use Learn Quran. Learn Quran is also accessible

All levels:

Either we don’t know during all how to recite a Quran, or we have been means to recite though wish to urge your tajweed and makhraj (tahsin). Learn Quran is designed so that we can investigate with a clergyman or by yourself. It is rise with high regard for quality. Our goal is giving a ummah. A best apparatus to learn reciting a Quran!


  1. The Alphabet
  2. The Fat-hah
  3. The Kasrah
  4. The Dhammah
  5. Similar Pronunciations
  6. Cursive Writing
  7. The Sukoon
  8. Madd Asli
  9. The Tanween
  10. The Shaddah
  11. The Very Long Madd
  12. The Rules of Stopping (Waqf)
  13. The Waqf Signs
  14. The Rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween
  15. The Rules of Meem Sakinah
  16. Madd Far’i
  17. The Hamzatul Wassl
  18. The Makhaarij
  19. Natures of Letters
  20. Advanced Idgham
  21. Thick Ra and Thin Ra
  22. Special Verses


  • Theory: Explanations and examples of a subject to learn a elemental knowledge.
  • Practice: Master a subject by practicing.
  • Test: Measure your grasp by contrast what you’ve learned.


  • Voice: Voice exegesis of a Arabic words, so we can learn a scold diction of a script
  • Practice Helps: Transliteration of a Arabic content and subject highlight. These facilities can be incited on and off as we wish
  • Recording: Voice recording to concede we to review your recitation to a voice-over or to be evaluated by your clergyman later.
  • Quranic Examples: Examples used in a theories, practices and tests are taken from a Quranic verses to reconnoitre learners with Quranic words
  • Bookmark: Mark a doctrine or your swell by prolonged press a list item
  • Pictures Video: Explaining makharij needs a picture. Explaining ishmam needs video. All is in Learn Quran


v 4.74:

  • Fix audio actor in a Test
  • a tiny alleviation in a Shaddah Theory
  • Fix teenager bugs
  • Update Pro Screen
  • Fix ads after exit an app
  • Improved app icon
  • a tiny repair in Mad Far’i Theory