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Solo Learn, Learn to Code

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Solo Learn, Learn to Code
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Learn to Code with SoloLearn! Join the fastest-growing global community of code learners to learn the basics or advance your existing skills. Reach a new level through learning solo or peer-to-peer interaction in the world of programming. Learning with SoloLearn is FREE! No in-app purchases. No ads.


You can Learn following 10 languages.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. PHP
  5. C++
  6. Python
  7. Java
  8. C#
  9. SQL
  10. Swift
  11. Ruby.

Follow community influencers to better retain and develop what you’ve learned, and practice on any device to improve your skills. Our community makes code learning as easy and as mobile as it can possibly get.


With SoloLearn, you can enjoy following features.

  • LEARN programming concepts by going through short interactive texts and fun follow-up quizzes. Currently, we cover 11 programming disciplines with over 900 topics that range from basic, to intermediary, to advanced levels.
  • CODE! The best way to learn to code is to code! Our beautifully designed code editor lets you make changes to existing code or write and compile your own custom code - on any device, while going through the core lessons or as a stand-alone activity. The more you play, the better you get!
  • Check out our Q&A DISCUSSIONS to get help, or to help enhance the learning of peer SoloLearners.
  • PLAY and test your skills by challenging other learners in head-to-head games.

Join the SoloLearn community NOW to begin having fun with our free mobile code learning experience!