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The ancient science of numerology is the study of the numbers derived from a name and birth date. With numerology it is possible to determine a person's inner personality, talents, hidden tendencies, turning points, and probable challenges in life.

Numerology makes it easy and fun to use the Pythagorean numerology system to gain insight into yourself and others. It is a great icebreaker at parties as well. It's also available for the Mac and you can exchange data between all versions using the import/export feature.



Use the science of numerology (Pythagorean) to gain insight into yourself and others

Numerologists: Easily manage your client list and instantly calculate a client's numbers.

Entertain at parties and help guests get to know each other.

See who's compatible for friendship, business partnerships, or romance.

Evaluate possible names for your baby to see how it would affect their life.

See what the upcoming day, month, or year has in store for you.

Quickly import names and birthdate's from your contacts.

Share Numerology's reports with family, friends, or clients.