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NeoSpeech tts, - natural sounding voices

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NeoSpeech offers some of the highest quality, natural sounding voices with an intuitive VoiceText editor in many voices and english language. This speech is a well-known NeoSpeech TTS user Adobe Systems has selected NeoSpeech Speech synthesis for their e-learning authoring suite Adobe Captivate.


Text to speech converts your text into real voice!



  • Exceptional Performance From Life-like, Natural Sounding Voices “Do-mo A-ri-ga-to Mr. Ro-bo-to.”

Thank you, Mr. Robot, but gone are the days where your voice was the standard. Speech Technology has since then evolved rapidly and synthesized voices are no exception. NeoSpeech’s voices are realistic, clear, and life-like, refined to express your content intelligently. Optimized for your specific platform, they’re designed to deliver the highest quality sound and exceptional performance every time. Communication has never been easier or more pleasant to the ears.

  • Elevate Speech Fluidity and Make Your Speech More Human;

Edit to your heart’s content. Our simple user interface makes it a cinch to produce and tweak your files. Adjust the flow and pace of the content to go hand-in-hand with your application. Speed up or slow down voices and incorporate pauses for effect in audio books or training courses. You have complete control over the speed, pitch, volume, and pause. Combined with our easy-to-use VoiceText Markup Language (VTML), you can quickly insert and switch between the various prosody controls to achieve your desired results.

  • Text Normalization Accuracy for Special Characters Differentiation;

No need to painstakingly edit every date and time—convert your content to speech quicker, with less time needed for revision. We take all that stuff into consideration along with acronyms and abbreviations to make your life a little easier. Sentences are read off eloquently—no number sequences or unnatural pronunciations—just the way you like it.

  • Accessibility;

Make communication easier for people with speech disorders, vision impairments, and dyslexia. Build voice assistive applications and improve their way of life.

  • Announcement Systems;

Whether you’re trying to find an exhibit at a museum or looking to grab a bite at the mall, get easy access using an interactive audio kiosk.

  • Audio Publishing;

Make your content accessible to everybody. Let drivers listen to your audiobook on their way home. Have joggers catch up on the news while stretching and prep high school seniors on the beauty of your university while filling out their college applications.

  • Education;

Take complex ideas and simplify them—speech enable your content for e-learning, training simulations, company orientations, etc.

the following voices are available at the moment. Kate, Julie, Paul, Bridget... and james.