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With MusicHarbor you can follow your favourite artists closely and be the first to know about new music, concerts and news.


MusicHarbor is tighlty integrated with iOS, and takes advantage of all of the device's capabilities and latest Apple technologies.


A feed of music releases

See all albums from artists you follow on a single centralized timeline, chronologically ordered. Also, you can filter by types like album, EP, single and remix.


Never miss another concert

Track all concerts scheduled for a specific city, or from artists you follow.


Get the latest music news

Read the latest news about artists you follow, from many different sources.


Manageable notifications

Receive a notification when a new album is available and be the first to know! No more missing the freshest releases from your favourite artists that usually get hidden in your Apple Music feed.


Other Features

  • Import artists from your Apple Music library (or add them manually).
  • Add new releases to your playlists.
  • Add upcoming albums to your Calendar.
  • See all upcoming albums with the Today View widget.
  • Light and dark mode.
  • iCloud sync.
  • Filter releases by type (album, single, ep, remix).
  • Customise your feed appearance (regular, compact, super compact).
  • Custom icons.


Download MusicHarbor from the App Store now for free and enjoy!