Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Chess-wise 3

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With Chess-wise 3 you can play chess, analyse games, annotate game notations, play online, solve exercises, watch training videos and much more.

  • Games are represented as trees, so they can have side-lines. This means when analysing moves, this will not anymore overwrite the moves of the main game.
  • On the new annotation screen, you can add comments and !! - or ?? to the moves.
  • The communication with the FICS server has been complete rewritten and is now much more stable.
  • The FICS interface has more features (support for multiple accounts, iMessage-like chatting, friend list).
  • Improved database (re-order games in a PGN file) and setup screen (move pieces on the board).
  • Landscape views for the opening and endgame browser, showing the possible moves next to the board.
  • Over 250 links to free training videos.
  • Separate screen to select the pieces orientation, when playing with 2 players.
  • Help file with tutorial for each major use case.