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Blastbay Game Toolkit (BGT)

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BGT is a toolkit which allows you to produce your own audio games from the ground up, without having any prior knowledge of computer programming at all. BGT, which stands for Blastbay Game Toolkit, allows you to spend all your valuable time coming up with new great ideas and concepts, rather than wasting months struggling with never-ending programming guides that don't make any sense to begin with. If you fit into this category of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, then BGT is the perfect tool for you to turn your ideas into stunning reality.



  • Contains a powerful, high-speed game engine.
  • uses an extremely versatile scripting language.
  • Comes bundled with many helper modules to make game creation even easier.
  • Ships with extensive documentation and example material.
  • Language syntax conforms mainly to that of C++, making it easy to learn other programming alongside BGT.
  • Absolutely free, with a liberal license.
  • A collection of professionally produced music is available to all BGT users.


BGT Orchestral Music pack

We are proud to present the BGT Orchestral Music Pack! This package contains 20 fully orchestrated loops and 5 stingers, written and produced especially for BGT by Quinten Pendle. All of the loops are pre-cut, which means that they can be used in your game directly without any editing. This music is governed by the same license agreement as the BGT engine itself, with some minor variations. Before using the material in any way, please see the readme.txt and terms.txt files that are part of this distribution. Please use the download link below to download the BGT Orchestral music Pack.