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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Content Update July 10th, 2022

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Assalamu Alaikum and a cheerful hello to all the friends of Blind Help Project.
Yes, we are back with the bang! Your patience is going to get you some serious fruits as this content update is filled with multiple doses of joy!
Dear fellows, you must understand the fact that whenever there's a delay regarding the content update from our side, something big and more special is being prepared for all of you. Right then, let's enjoy this exciting ride with plenty to be snaffled on the way!

Updated Items:

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Now, moving on to the most fascinating portion of this update, yea, We surely have something greatly beneficial at our disposal. Okay, better to reveal straight away!
This unique update also contains some highly informative and stimulating videos with huge learning and excitement inside. Scroll down to see the detail and get benefitted right away.

List of Videos with Great Demonstrations:

Introducing Eloquence TTS for Apple Devices:

We have long awaited Eloquence TTS Engine in our iPhones now! O yes, you heard right! Having lost all our hopes, partly because of the fact that it was a paid app, additionally the app was apparently vanished as well, something extra ordinary happened! Exactly, as by some magical stroke of luck, eloquence is finally here, along with various other text to speech voices to choose from in IPhones.
In this short session, Mr. Abdullah Zafar will demonstrate how Eloquence works on iOS and how one can enable it from the settings.

Telegram for Android Urdu Series:

Episode 1 (How to Install and Sign up):

Welcome to the very first session of "Learn Telegram in Urdu" series. In this episode, Mrs. Mehwish demonstrates installation and account creation Process of telegram messenger.

Episode 2 (Chat Screen):

Now the second session of "Learn Telegram in Urdu" series. In this episode, Mrs. Mehwish will introduce our listeners to the chatting feature of Telegram. By harnessing the versatility of this messenger, you can be on top of the needs that arise.

Episode 3 (Navigation Drawer):

This third episode is about "Learn Telegram in Urdu" series. In the wake of our pledge to accustom our users to the Telegram messenger, in this tutorial, Mrs. Mehwish goes through some of the features that we occasionally run into, including the process of creating groups, overview of the navigation drawer, and Telegram's cloud storage.

How to Install APKS Using Split APKS Installer (SAI):

This demonstration has been recorded in both National and International languages.
APK (Android Package Kit) is a popular installer format of Google's mobile operating system for exporting apps to users' devices. However, with the evolution of the android industry, it is essential to develop 1 program with multiple builds supporting distinguished architecture, region/language, screen sizes and intelligently deploy only the required package according to the target. This is where the "APKS (APK Set Archive)" file format was born. The android package installer does not natively support the APKS format, so many users are confused about how to get such a program installed on their android device. If you are among them, this video is for you!
In this video, Mr. Abdul Muhamin is introducing an easy-to-use third-party app installer (Split APKS Installer) which can handle APKS files efficiently. Watch the video till the end, and learn how to install APKS in your android devices.

English Demonstration:

Urdu Demonstration:

Hope these videos will prove a great learning experience for you.
With that, we now come to something deeply serious, friends.
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See you soon and happy Eid-ul-Azha to the entire Muslim community from BHP.