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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Commentary Screen Reader V2023.10.01 (An Advance Screen Reading Solution for the Android Devices)

Last updated on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 - 14:20 by Arslan Anwar
Operating system: 
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Commentary Screen Reader is a screen reading solution for the visually impaired, similar to Google Talkback, but with great enhancements, most of the features are borrowed from other screen readers of Windows and Mac to make it one of the best screen reader on Android.

Fully understanding the screen reader   might take time, so we warmly encourage you to explore the settings to get help.

Some functions are restricted and will only be unlocked after you purchase the full version of the program. For further details, please visit the official CSR group on Telegram.


  • Voice Assistant: Use the screen reader with the voice, I.E: opening apps, Copying , cut, select all, deleteing text and other functions of the phone can be used with the Voice assistant.
  • Plug-in System: Gain endless possibilities with the advanced plug-in system. Either download ready-made plug-ins or create your own.
  • Find the content you need with the powerful navigation aids, such as List browsing mode, node browsing mode, automatic browsing mode, full-text browsing mode, granular browsing mode, character by character browsing mode and many more.
    • Lift your finger to activate the item under it. Rapidly navigate around the interface, no need to remember countless gestures.
  • Custom Sound Schemes: Always delight your ears with the sound scheme that suits you best.
  • Selection Mode: Select and copy screen text with the simple gesture, it works even on the web. It includes Character, Word, Line, Sentence and paragraph selection modes.
  • Dynamic Gestures: The program adapts to current on-screen conditions, choosing the most appropriate gesture scheme according to the situation you are in.
  • Extensible Custom Gestures System: Remap any possible gesture to your liking, create a completely new gesture scheme and share it with friends.
  • Dual-Voice Engine: Use 2 sinthisizers at the same time, so that an importent alert doesn't interupt the main reading.

Pro Features:

These features can be used after purchasing the full version.

  • Virtual Screen: An inaccessible software is no longer an unsurmountable barrier. Open up a completely new world for yourself. Thanks to this feature.
  • Automatic OCR Recognition: Wherever you touch, the OCR engine will accompany you to learn about even inaccessible data.
  • Automatic Message Reading: Automatically read messages from QQ, YY, Tiktok and many more.
  • Automatic Subtitle Reading: Watching foreign movies has never been easier! Automatically read video subtitles and make your movie experience to the next level.
  • CAPTCHA Recognition: Use the advanced AI features to recognize CAPTCHA images with ease.
  • Commentary Camera: Learn about scenes, images, people and text around you.
  • Web-Content Filtering: Never let unimportant content disturb your reading. Filter images, advertisement texts and other unwanted elements.
  • List Copying: Say goodbye to the tedious methods to copy long lists. One click is enough to copy even the longest list.
    • Article Reading Mode: Automatic page turning, content filtering or background reading mode. Let Commentary Screenreader become your E-Book reader!.
  • Per-gesture Schemes: Create application spicific gestures. This feature offers endless possibilities.
  • Favorites: Collect frequently used content anytime, anywhere and access them easily.
  • Granular Editing Mode: Edit the text by character, word, sentence or paragraph faster, and make all desired changes accurately.
  • Full Text Selection: Select by characters, words, sentences or paragraphs to copy the text whenever you want.
  • Custom Voice Commands: Driven by the same engine that drives the plug-in system, endless possibilities of updating and adjusting the voice assistant awaits you.
  • Self-Launching Plug-in System: Automatically launch various plug-ins at the specified time intervals.

Commentary Screenreader is as much ours as it is yours. Create your own Commentary experience with endless configuration options.

Support the software developers and boost there morale, if you like the software, buy it, they deserve it.