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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Apotheorasis V1.4 (Lab of the Blind Gods)

Last updated on Saturday, July 9, 2022 - 06:05 by AbdullahZubair
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A first person shooter and a blind protagonist walk into a lab. A lab where newborn gods struggle, hope and despair. To survive, you may have to rely on the ones responsible for this mess. Learn what you are and dream of who you could be.

Apotheorasis is a first person 3D action thriller without any graphics or UI.
Navigation, stealth, shooting, interactions ; you play it all by ear (literally).

A recent accident has left you blind, unable to speak, and with no memory of your former self.
“We are here to help” whispers a voice softly, yet something feels off.

In a twisted stroke of luck, your fate is tied to that of a dubious stranger. All you know is that something far more ominous is lurking around every corner you can't see.


Dream-Like Graphics:

Let our sound fire up your imagination, the most powerful GPU in existence.

3D Audio (Binaural):

You could tell left from right before. Now you can tell front and back, up and down.

Rediscover the Basics:

Navigate from A to B, dodge traps, and fight enemies ; it will feel like your first time.

Hard but Forgiving:

Frequent checkpoints make sure you never lose more than a minute or two of your efforts.

Love, Songs and Robots:

The A.I. running the menus loves you, but can't sing - so it hire a soprano & a pianist.

Short and Sweet:

A quirky sci-fi thriller, set in a cold dark lab, with a few choices along the way.

Support the software devs and boost there morale. If you like the game, buy it.