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OI Notepad

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OI Notepad
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Accepted in Google Summer of Code 2012, OI Notepad is a full-featured open source note taking application. With it you can tag, search, and send your notes, in addition to basic functionality such as creating, deleting, and editing notes. Advanced features like encryption, import/export, and voice memos are all available through extensions. All of this functionality is brought together in a simplistic and efficient layout, customizable through a variety of themes.

  • This application is ad free and does not require the internet permission.
  • The source code of this free and open source application is available at Google Code
  • For the complete list of changes and a list of frequently asked questions, please visit Open Intents Website.
  • You can help to improve the translation into your language at Launchpad


  • Add, edit and delete notes.
  • Long-press on notes to add tags.
  • Change font size and sort order.
  • A clearly arranged layout with a variety of themes.
  • Quickly search through notes.
  • Send notes as MMS or SMS.


Available extensions for "OI Notepad" are given below.

  • Record and attach voice memos to notes
  • Import/export notes from the SD card.
  • Show the license information.
  • Insert the date and time into notes.
  • Turn text upside down.

International versions:

The names of its 24 international versions are given below.

  1. Bloc de notas OI,
  2. Bloc de notes d'OI,
  3. ແພ່ນຂຽນ OI,
  4. OI 메모장,
  5. OI Blocco Note,
  6. OI Blokčić,
  7. OI Notatblokk,
  8. OI Notatnik,
  9. OI Not defteri,
  10. OI Notepad,
  11. OI Notesblok,
  12. OI Notitieblok,
  13. OI Notizblock,
  14. OI Piezīmju bloks,
  15. OI Poznámkový blok,
  16. OI Talaan,
  17. OI المفكرة, OI خاتىرە دەپتەر, OI يادداشت, OI Σημειωματάριο,
  18. OI Бележник,
  19. OI Нататнік,
  20. OI नोटपैड,
  21. OI ਨੋਟਪੈਡ,
  22. OI メモ帳,
  23. OI记事本,
  24. פנקס OI