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Hosted Games

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Hosted Games
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The choice is yours! Just for love and glory, solve an eldritch murder, find romance, or battle aliens with Magitek?

"Hosted Games" is a magnificent library of interactive novels, written by authors like you. Hosted Games are entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Try a few of these fan favorites:

  • The Great Tournament — Train as a squire and become a knight in order to win the great tournament
    • Highlands, Deep Waters — A murderer, a cultist, and an investigator walk into a pub. Which one are you?
  • Magikiras — Don powered armor and fight against terrorists and eldritch beings
  • Doomsday on Demand — Face enemies and survive in the demolished district after nuclear bombings
  • Imprisoned — Grab your gear and prepare yourself for a hard fantasy quest
  • The Daily Blackmail — Something is rotten in City Hall—can you uncover it a Pulitzer?
  • Popcorn, Soda ... Murder? — A thrilling multiple-choice murder mystery
  • Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope — Blast into action as an Armored Marine, and uncover the dark secret of Far Hope
  • Zebulon — Journey through space and uncover the secrets of the asteroid Zebulon
    • Marine Raider — Lead a platoon of Marine Raiders to turn the tide of World War 2