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Have Halal, Will Travel - Trip Planner For Muslims

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Assalamualaikum. From halal food guides to travel tips and itineraries, HHWT Muslim Travel Planner is the only travel planner you will ever need. Exploring the world has never been easier for Muslim travellers!


Features :

  • PLAN A TRIP (Gain access to a comprehensive list of halal eateries, prayer spaces and attractions in whichever city you will be headed to. Customise and plan your own trip based on your interests and schedule).
  • DEALS (Save money on attraction passes and tickets with our exclusive deals! Keep a lookout for upcoming discounts and promotions for greater savings).
  • EXPLORE (Explore what the different cities have to offer before making that big decision! From Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong in the East to London and Paris in the West, there will definitely be something for each for you out there).
  • Q&A (Help a fellow Muslim traveller who is about to embark on their trip by answering their queries and get your questions answered by those who have just returned from a trip).
  • PHOTO SHARING (Store precious memories in the form of images on the HHWT app and share some of your stories and findings with fellow travellers. Understand different cultures from one another’s travel experiences to better prepare for your upcoming trip).