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Talking windows preinstallation environment (TWPE)

Last updated on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 12:22 by Anas Ahmed
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the talking preinstallation environment for windows is used to get speach during installing windows OS with NVDA screen reader. here we are providing up-to-date images of TWPE for all of our visitors, all you need to just download the prefered version below, burn it on a DVD or make a bootable USB by running the downloaded executeable file, and boot with that media. after successfull boot, you can run windows setup from anywhere, like from any DVD, or another USB, even from build-in hard disk partition of your system.


the TWPE images provided here can supports self-extraction and bootable creation, means you don't need to separately prepare a DVD/USB. just plug the USB to the computer and launch the downloaded file. choose your USB drive letter from the newly opened dialog, and the build-in tool will do the rest. however, if you want to get an ISO of the downloaded TWPE, simply extract the .exe file with the use of winRAR or 7-zip. you can later create a bootable USB from extracted ISO image, or directly burn it on to the DVD. An easy to understand and detailed guide for making bootable USB is already published in our blog, which you can read by Following this link


Available downloads

important notice:
these TWPE images are not made by Blind Help team. the originator of following versions is Carlos, owner of TechTalk mailing list. Lots of useful applications and utilities are included in the image, which you can run after booting to recover/repair your system in number of ways.
therefore, we recommend you to first read the short documentations of these TWPE, to understand its usage, workarounds for possible problems, and to know more about each of included utility.
click here to download documentations

windows 10 based talking preinstallation environment

this can be used to install windows and support modern UEFI systems.

windows 7 based talking preinstallation environment

this is also for windows installation, and also for some older legacy BIOS based systems.