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Free PDF Editor - free PDF writer and creator, always latest version

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The Great Free Way To Edit PDFs!


Creating documents in a PDF form may be a convenient way to distribute text and data, either for email attachments or for print jobs, but what about making them for free? Spreadsheets and word processing documents are easy to edit, but making creating a PDF can sometimes be tricky unless you have already invested in the commercial software that allows you to edit them.


Using Free PDF Editor

This program would really better be described as a PDF creator, but there are plenty of editing options for users to make use of as they go. The interface is simple and allows you to edit pictures, graphics and text in a convenient desktop publishing style of format. All you need to do is to drop the elements you want to include in the PDF with a mouse. After that, the software allows you to crop or resize the elements according to the design layout that you thinks works best. For example, you can increase the size of your company logo, whilst making certain text, such as terms and conditions, really small. It is ideal for business documents, sales promotional flyers and personal things like party invitations – all the sorts of things you might want to create a PDF from scratch for. The licensing means that the software is totally free whether you want to put it to a personal or a commercial use.


Interface and Usability

The interface is fairly self-explanatory with this software. For example, for inserting text into your document with Free PDF Editor, all have to do is to click the toolbar button named 'Insert Text'. Alternatively, you can navigate to this option from the main menu. An input box will then open up in the document, allowing to type freely or to copy in text from elsewhere. From this default configuration it is then possible to move or resize the text box. Furthermore, the program also allows for some handy text format tools, such as fonts, colour choices and text size. Similarly, using the 'Insert Image' button means you can enter any pictures you want into your newly created PDF. All the usual picture formats are supported including BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG. Once the layout is to your liking, simply select 'Create PDF' and save in the right format for a PDF which is ready to use.


In Summary

This handy tool is ideal for A4 PDFs that look professional given a bit of graphic design skill. Multi-page PDFs are possible with Free PDF Editor and layout modes, for example those with two columns, can be set with ease. Lastly, many PDF properties, such as the author, creation date, keywords and title can be altered at will. The software is ready to download without any hassle, so why not start using it to create your own professional-looking PDFs?



  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Insert images as rectangles or other shapes
  • No need to install and Acrobat software, such as PDF Reader, to create PDFs
  • Alter margin widths at will



  • This software will not allow you edit other people's PDFs
  • Ideal for beginners but professional designers may find functionality is limited