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Flashcards+ - Memorize like a pro!

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Flashcards+ is the top flashcard app in the app store — ranked #1 for flashcards!

Memorize like a pro with Flashcards+ by Chegg, the fast, fun, free flashcard maker designed to help you learn things more quickly and ace your toughest classes. This is the ultimate online flashcard & notecard tool for high school and college students, and those studying hard for the SAT, ACT, GRE and other standardized tests. With Flashcards+ you can study anywhere, and any time — review your math flashcards while you’re waiting for the bus, study Spanish flashcards on the way to a big test, or cram for chemistry when you’re walking across campus.


What makes Flashcards+ the top flashcard app?

  • Make your own flashcard decks for SAT, ACT, AP, vocab, math, spanish, biology, anatomy, chemistry & more!
  • Go beyond text-only flashcards and add images. Think chemistry formulas for organic chemistry, paintings for an art history class, anatomy diagrams for biology … anything you need to memorize quickly.
  • Don’t want to create your own? Download flashcard decks made by other students on
  • Share your decks with friends so you can study & learn together — free for everyone!
  • Keep track of the cards you've learned & save time by only studying those you haven’t mastered.
  • Make flashcards in 22 languages with support for pronunciation, dialect & speech speed: Latin, Spanish, German, French & more!
  • Shuffle your decks to stay on your toes and filter & search decks to find specific note cards.
    • Backup & study your flashcards for free across all your iOS devices.