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EdiMarker is a freeware application that allows sound editors and supervisors to create markers in Pro Tools sessions from text files, Nuendo marker files or Reaper marker files.

It can also convert the data stored in Pro Tools markers into text files. However, since the release of Pro Tools v10.2, this can be exported via the Pro Tools menu: File > Export > Session Info as Text file, which incidentally can also export the marker 'comments' field.

Note: EdiMarker cannot read or write the data from the 'comments' field of a Pro Tools marker.



  • Reads and writes marker locations in timecode, footages or minutes and seconds
  • Sets the text encoding to enable transfer of non-English characters
EdiMarker version 1.4.1 is a 32-bit application that is compatible with " 1.OS X version 10.7 to macOS version 10.14. 2.Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit) 3.Compatible with Reaper v4 and above