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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Dwell: Audio Bible - A New Way to Listen to Bible!

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Fall in love with listening to the Bible?

Dwell offers the most beautiful listening experience for the most important and cherished book in our world's history: the Bible.

Our app offers 4 brand new recordings of the Bible, each showcasing a unique and inspiring voice. It also comes with subtle background music exclusively composed for Scripture listening by Steinway Artist, Chad Lawson.

We’ve also made the Bible easily explorable. Quickly access Scripture by book, chapter, or story, or check out our curated playlists of popular passages from the Bible. You can even listen to Scripture by theme! We also provide Listening Plans that help you build a habit of engaging with the Bible every day.

One of the things that makes Dwell so unique is how you can switch voices and background music on the fly without losing your place in the audio. Plus, every book, story, playlist, and plan is accompanied by beautiful artwork. Download Dwell now and increase your engagement in the Bible.

Listen free with occasional in-house ads, or try out Premium by signing up for a 7-day trial.


Features for Dwell Free

  • Access to 1 voice for listening to Scripture
  • Hear occasional ads


Features for Dwell Premium

  • Unlocks all 4 unique and inspiring voices for Scripture listening
  • Interruption-free listening


What else makes Dwell Unique?

Dwell include the features such as:


Listening Plans

Listen to the Proverbs in 30 Days, Romans in 7 Days, or the Parables of Jesus in 14 Days, and many more.



The Bible is filled with many amazing stories. Our user-friendly Stories section will help you begin listening to one in seconds.


Listen to thoughtfully curated Scripture playlists on perennial themes like hope, discipleship, salvation, and others.



Listen to some of the watershed passages found in Scripture. Soak in the Sermon on the Mount, Romans 8, Psalm 119, Colossians 3 and more with the tap of a finger.



When you go Unlimited you unlock all four of our signature Scripture readers and can switch between them "on the fly" while listening.



If you wish, listen to originally composed music underneath the Bible narration. Don't worry. It doesn't distract, but instead draws you into the text.



Long press any audio content within the app (besides Plans), and add it to your Queue for your 30-min commute or your next 45-min run.