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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Computer Shortcut Keys

Last updated on Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 20:06 by waqas
Computer Shortcut Keys
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Computer Shortcut Keys is an Android Application which provides almost all computer shortcut keys. To work fast on computer you need shortcut keys in windows, Microsoft product or in any other computer software such as Photoshop, Google Chrome, Notepad++ etc. Grow your skills and Fast tutorial to easily understand for all of the college students , School Students and Office users were fluently express there Potential via using the computer software in career life. By using computer shortcuts you can save your time without use of mouse. You can also copy computer shortcuts by long pressing item.


Included Topics

This Application contains many software shortcut keys. Collection of All Computer Shortcut keys, keyboard Shortcut Keys, computer shortcuts as below:

  • General Shortcut
  • Windows Shortcut
  • Winkey Shortcut
  • Ms Office Shortcut
  • Ms-Word Shortcut
  • Ms-Excel Shortcut
  • Ms-PowerPoint Shortcut
  • MS Access Shortcut
  • MS Outlook Shortcut
  • MS Paint Shortcut
  • WordPad shortcut
  • Notepad shortcut
  • Chrome Shortcut keys
  • Mozilla Firefox shortcut
  • Internet Explorer shortcut
  • Internet shortcut
  • Function keys shortcut
  • Special Characters shortcut
  • Ubuntu Shortcut Keys
  • Apple computer shortcut
  • UNIX and Linux shortcut
  • MAC OS shortcut
  • DOS commands shortcut
  • Notepad++ shortcut
  • Photoshop Shortcut
  • Corel Draw shortcut
  • Adobe Flash shortcut
  • Dreamweaver shortcut
  • Adobe Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Page Maker Shortcut
  • PHOTOSHOP shortcut for MAC OS
  • illustrator shortcut for MAC
  • Tally Shortcut
  • AutoCAD shortcut
  • C Language Shortcut
  • Mouse shortcut
  • Eclipse shortcut
  • Android Studio shortcut
  • Android Studio shortcut for MAC
  • Remote Connection shortcut
  • NX Design shortcut
  • Camtasia Studio shortcut
  • Xcode OS shortcut
  • Foxpro shortcut

We have tryed to make our best to provide all kind of computer shortcuts. Hope this will help you in learn and work fast