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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Clubhouse (The Social Audio App)

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Hey! Welcome to Clubhouse — a more human place on the Internet, where people come together for great conversation.

Clubhouse is a thoughtful and generous place — where you bump into old friends and make new ones too.

Explore the Hallways:

Discover millions of rooms, filled with fascinating and unexpected conversations.

Listen in, or share your thoughts. The hallway is home to hundreds of thousands of discussions on every topic under the sun — from SCUBA diving to social justice, crypto to comic books, fashion, backpacking, Japanese language, morning news shows, meditation, movie clubs, book clubs and so much more. It’s all unfolding in real time from all around the world.

Rooms in Clubhouse:

Drop into your favorite rooms while you’re commuting, walking your poodle or running in the park. You can sit back and quietly listen, raise your hand to chime in. Whether you’re talking with your closest friends or making new ones, it’s a place where you can experience unforgettable moments with other humans, and leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Host a Room of Your Own:

Every day, people are telling jokes, reading the morning news, making music together and sharing deep thoughts. What about you?

The magic of Clubhouse is witnessing the most of people.

We designed Clubhouse with the belief that people are at the center of every moment.

We are so excited for you to join!


If you want Clubhouse client for your Mac or Windows, please visit This Post.