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Welcome to AIRSLEEP, the nation's favorite Travel Sleep app! Discover what tens of thousands of users LOVE about AIRSLEEP. You'll never travel without AIRSLEEP again! As noted on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES travel section, in the BOSTON GLOBE, POPULAR MECHANICS, GIZMODO, and countless more publications, AIRSLEEP is the (sleep) wave of the future! A state-of-the-art sleep & relaxation app designed specifically for travel use, AIRSLEEP's audio programs tune out cabin noise, helping you to glide into the deepest levels of relaxation and sleep imaginable. AIRSLEEP uses a patented combination of natural sounds, ambient music and slow-wave (sleep-frequency) audio. AIRSLEEP works on your conscious and sub-conscious mind, forcing your brain to relax whether it wants to or not! AIRSLEEP works quickly; the audio programs feed your brain exactly the kinds of sounds it would create on it's own if you were already deeply relaxed or asleep. AIRSLEEP merely "kickstarts" the process. You've never felt anything like AIRSLEEP! AIRSLEEP is easy to use and fully adjustable. Featuring one-click start, AIRSLEEP downloads quickly to your i-device. AIRSLEEP also works great whether you're traveling or staying home. In-App purchases allow you to expand your sleep library with a wide variety of audio programs and customization levels, letting you fine-tune AIRSLEEP to your own brain! AIRSLEEP is, hands down, one of the most advanced sleep programs available in the world today. Our one-of-a-kind "intuitive" brainwave technology is light years ahead of the competition! For the best sleep of your life, AIRSLEEP is your only choice. Get AIRSLEEP today and sleep tonight! Airsleep was created using state of the art technology, spectacular audio soundscapes, and features original ambient music tracks from award-winning composer The Millionaire (founding member, COMBUSTIBLE EDISON). AIRSLEEP... It's a dream come true!