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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

AVG TuneUp V21.2.2916

Last updated on Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 12:42 by Atta Rehman
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Operating system: 
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This is an application designed to help you keep the computer in shape by cleaning files that could slow down the operating system and by optimizing 
some of its settings. Similarly to other PC tune up software solutions on the market, AVG PC TuneUp will scan your computer for problems and repair them 
as fast as possible.
But the application has many more goodies under its hood. The computer scanning process takes less than a Minute,
while fixing them might exceed 10 Minutes, depending on the number of problems and their nature.


Restores your PC to Top Speed:

Remember how fast your PC used to run when you got it? Not only can we help get it back there, but you can also enjoy Turbo Mode to release that extra bit of power when you need it for browsing, gaming and videos.

A Smoother Running PC:

It’s a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand. We’ll help find and fix the gaps and errors that cause your PC problems and clean up as we go.

Extends your Battery Life:

We’ve all been there. You’re just getting to the end of that all important document and your battery dies. Now you can stop your battery wasting power on things you don’t need so it can last longer.

Frees Up Valuable Disk Space:

We’ve all got too much clutter on our PC. Half the time we don’t know what it is, if it’s important and or how to delete it. We’ll analyze your PC for all that junk and show you how to get rid of it in a few simple clicks. Result? One faster PC and more space for you.

Keeps your PC at Peak Performance:

Getting fast is all well and good, but not if it only does it once. We continually work in the background, and constantly update the way we tune, to help your PC always run at top speed.

Leaves No Trace of your Most Important Files:

Hitting the delete button doesn’t always give you that complete peace of mind. Hitting the Shredder button will.

Gives you Complete Performance Automatically:

It’s always good when there’s one thing less to remember. We continually monitor your PC and let you know the status. And we even run routine maintenance when you’re away from your PC so it doesn’t get in the way. 

Fine Tune your Computer for Even More Performance:

If you’re a bit of an expert, then don’t worry. There’s a whole range of tools you can use to fine tune things just how you want them.

Makes Optimization Easier:

A lot of us wouldn’t know where to start to make our PCs work even better. We take that problem away by making straightforward recommendations and showing how to do them in a few simple clicks.

Support the software developers, If you found it useful, then consider purchasing it. They deserve it.