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AbelsSoft File Fusion 2019 Pro V2.1 Build 172

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FileFusion analyzes files that are on your pc and finds all kind of duplicate files. Using its’ fingerprinting technology, the tool even recognizes duplicates that have different file names.

Up to 31% more file space

Cleaning tools promise to find unnecessary data garbage. FileFusion is able to provide up to 31% more storage space on top after such a cleaning.

Innovative Technology

The innovative Fusion-Technology find duplicate files and fusions them. This means that only one file will be physically stored, while it still shows up on all necessary locations on your computer.


When fusioning duplicate files, only one copy is kept physically on the drive. All other locations only point to this physical file.

100% secure

Don’t worry, FileFusion is 100% secure. Users don’t notice the fusion and can use their data as usual. Even if you have uninstalled the program the links stay active.

For all systems

This tool has been developed to work perfectly with all NTFS-based hard drives and all Windows versions starting with Windows 7.

Detailed reports

After fusioning all duplicate files, the user receives a detailed report about the amount of freed storage, the number of all fusioned, duplicate files and more.


FileFusion is an innovative tool that can not be missed on any PC. Sooner or later, each hard disk is full. The clever tool clears up to 31% of disk space even with already cleaned hard disks. For this purpose, FileFusion relies on the new FileFusion technology, which is just awesome. On each PC there are many files, such as images or system files, which are available several times. This happens over time by itself and is also generated by Windows itself. Each file is located on the hard disk, with its own disk space, and is also displayed several times. The innovative FileFusion technology changes this inefficient approach, through the 3-stage process of deduplication.

In the first step, FileFusion starts an analysis of all files that are on the hard disk. FileFusion creates a digital fingerprint for each file and matches these prints with all other files to find duplicate files. Even if an identical file is named differently, FileFusion knows that it already exists in a different location on the hard disk. After FileFusion identifies duplicates, it deletes the disk space on the hard disk and instead creates a hard link that points to the remaining file. Users won't notice any difference in their daily computer usage. Instead, there is a lot more space available! The tool makes all this automatically in the background. Users need nothing more than to enable FileFusion. The hard disk is then analyzed and the cleaning performed automatically.

Some users wonder what happens when a file is deleted? Are all other files deleted? Do not worry if a file is deleted, only the FileFusion reference (hardlink) will be deleted. Only when all references are deleted, the file is also permanently deleted on the hard disk.

And what happens when a file is edited? In this case, the file stored on the hard drive remains unaffected. If a change is made, the reference is deleted and the edited file is stored as a stand-alone file on the hard disk. FileFusion allows up to 31% more storage space - absolutely secure and without risks.