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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

WhatsApp Plus: Always Latest Version (Use WhatsApp More Autonomously on Windows)

Last updated on Saturday, September 3, 2022 - 13:02 by AbdullahZubair
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WhatsApp is a well-known instantaneous and cross-platform communication tool that enables you to connect with your co-workers and personal acquaintances. Not so long ago, WhatsApp released its universal Windows client permitting you to use your preferred messaging approach even without touching your phone. Yet, working on WhatsApp with the Screen Readers might be tricky at times as it does not offer any shortcuts by default. WhatsApp Plus is a robust add-on for NVDA screen reader that provides plenty of keyboard shortcuts, making the app easier and more efficient to use. Additionally, it makes a few small improvements to the app interface so that interaction with the screen reader becomes enriched.

Why not give it a shot? You might be astonished at how much it can enrich your WhatsApp experience on Windows!

User Experience Enhancements:

  • When replying to a message, the label of the message input box will represent the person to be replied to.
  • Several app elements have been provided with screen reader-friendly labels.

Keyboard Shortcuts:


  • ALT + 1: Move focus to the chat list.
  • ALT + 2: Move focus to the last message in the chat.
  • ALT + 3: Move focus to the unread messages in the current chat.
  • ALT + D: Move focus to the edit field. If the focus is already on the text area, then it will return to the last focused element.


  • ALT + A: Mute or unmute microphone.
  • ALT + N: Decline if there is an incoming call, or End if the call is in progress.
  • ALT + Shift + C: Initiate a call to contact or group. Or join a group call.
  • ALT + Shift + V: Make a video call to contact or group.
  • ALT + V: Toggle camera in a call screen.
  • ALT + Y: Accept incoming calls.

Voice Message:

  • Control + D: Stop the voice message from being recorded.
  • Control + R: Record and send the voice message.
  • Control + Shift + D: Pause or resume the voice recording.

Currently Focused Message:

  • ALT + C: Show message text in a popup.
  • ALT + F: Forward message.
  • ALT + Q: React to a message.
  • ALT + R: Reply to the message.
  • ALT + S: Mark a message as Starred.
  • Control + C: Copy the text message.

Chat List and Currently Opened Chat:

  • ALT + Delete: Delete a chat.
  • ALT + O: Open more options in an open chat.
  • ALT + Shift + R: Mark a chat as read.
  • ALT + T: Announce the name and status of the chat.
  • Control + N: Start a new chat.

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

  • Control + Shift + A: Attach file or media.
  • Control + Shift + E: Toggle between reading phone number and display name or display name only for messages from unsaved numbers.
  • NVDA + Control + W: Open the WhatsAppPlus settings.


  • All shortcuts can be reassigned from the NVDA's input gestures. Make sure to open the input gestures dialog while focusing on the WhatsApp window.
  • The feature to jump to unread messages sometimes has a delay. This depends on the number of cached messages at the moment.


Author: Kostya Gladkiy From Ukraine.

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