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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Unigram Plus: Always Latest Version (Use Telegram More Independently on Windows)

Last updated on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 - 16:39 by AbdullahZubair
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Unigram is a powerful Telegram client for Windows that helps you to use telegram on your computer. However, using Unigram with the Screen Reader may be difficult at times as it does not include any shortcuts by default. Unigram Plus is a powerful addon for NVDA screen reader that includes a lot of hotkeys that make Unigram easier and more efficient to use. It also includes several small enhancements to the way Unigram operates, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and simpler to use.

Why not try it out? Perhaps you'll be surprised at how much it can improve your Telegram experience on Windows!

User Experience Enhancements:

  • Improved the display of messages, making them easier to read and understand.
  • Prevented distraction while viewing messages or chats, making them easier to focus on by removing extra spoken feedback such as Chats, Tab, List, etc, and staying engaged in the conversation.
  • The name and size of the file will be announced when the cursor is focused on the Open or Download File button.
  • On focusing an audio file, its name and duration will be announced.
  • While listening to a voice message, first the time of its playback will be announced, followed by any other pertinent information.
  • When focusing on a message about the call, the duration of that call will be announced.
  • When focusing on a selected message in a chat, it will first inform about the message selection, and then the content of the message.
  • On focusing a message unread by recipient, "unread" will be announced followed by content of the message. In other case only the content of the message will be read.
  • Improved the way voice messages are recorded.
  • Added the sound notification when Recording, sending, and canceling a voice message. Also, when performing these functions, the focus remains in its position and does not jump to either the record button or the message input field.
  • After closing a media embed in the message, the focus will return to the last element that was in focus.
  • Ability to disable announcements of all progress bars, as well as specific to message playing progress.

Shortcuts That Unigram Plus Offer:

ALT Key Shortcuts:

  • ALT + 1: Move focus to the chat list.
  • ALT + 2: Move focus to the last message in the chat.
  • ALT + 3: Move focus to the unread messages in the current chat.
  • ALT + 4: Move focus to the chat folders.
  • ALT + 5: Move focus to the open profile (If there is any).
  • ALT + A: Mute or unmute microphone.
  • ALT + C: Show message text in a popup.
  • ALT + C: Toggle camera(In a call screen only).
  • ALT + D: Move focus to the edit field. If the focus is already on the text area, then it will return to the last focused element.
  • ALT + E: Close audio player.
  • ALT + F: Forward message.
  • ALT + M: Open navigation menu.
  • ALT + N: Decline if there is an incoming call, Ends if the call is in progress, and Leaves the group call if you are in voice chat.
  • ALT + O: Open more options in an open chat, voice chat, or call window.
  • ALT + P: Play or pause the currently playing message.
  • ALT + Q: Trigger the instant view if present in the message.
  • ALT + S: Increase or decrease the message playback speed.
  • ALT + T: Announce the name and status of the chat.
  • ALT + U: Toggle the progress bar updates.
  • ALT + Y: Accept incoming calls.

Control Key Shortcuts:

  • Control + C: Copy the text or link (If there is any).
  • Control + D: Stop the voice message from being recorded, press twice To toggle between text announcements, sound cues or standard behaviour when recording, sending, or canceling a voice message.
  • Control + N: Start a new chat.
  • Control + P: Open the chat profile.
  • Control + R: Record and send the voice message.

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

  • ALT + Shift + C: Initiate a call in the chat, and join or start a voice chat in the group.
  • ALT + Shift + L: Copy the stream data to broadcast from a third-party client.
  • ALT + Shift + R: Mark a chat as read.
  • ALT + Shift + V: Make a video call.
  • Control + Shift + A: Attach file or media.
  • Control + Shift + C: Copy message with formatting preserved.
  • Control + ALT + C: Open comments for the channel thread.
  • Control + ALT + Left Arrow: Rewind voice message.
  • Control + ALT + Right Arrow: Fast forward voice message.
  • Control + Space: Switch to message selection mode.
  • Delete: Delete a message or chat.
  • NVDA + Control + U: Open the UnigramPlus settings.
  • Shift + Delete: Delete a message or chat for you and the other person.
  • Space: Play or stop the focused message, and Open the attached media.
  • Unassigned: Reply to the message.
  • Unassigned: Edit message.
  • Unassigned: Pin a message or chat.


  • All shortcuts can be reassigned from the NVDA's input gestures. Make sure to open the input gestures dialog while focusing on the Unigram window.
  • The feature to jump to unread messages sometimes has a delay. This depends on the number of cached messages at the moment.


Author: Kostya Gladkiy From Ukraine.

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