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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Introducing 'BHP Assistant' Telegram Bot

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Greetings BHP users, We are here with a surprise, a hope in this challenging time!
Before moving towards that, we would like to take a pause and appreciate all your astonishing and heart touching words in forums and channels. With such massive love and support, our morale is touching sky beside this tough time. Keep this spirit high and no power on earth will be able to undo BHP.
Now let’s move  towards the surprise. Although we are up 24/7 to bring the website back online to its full glory, but you all do need the software packages. To assist in this regard, introducing, are you ready?

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Please welcome, with huge round of applause, B. H. P. Assistant!
“Hello everybody, I am BHP Assistant. I cannot assist you that much because I was born on May 7th, 2021, which is not long ago. But for now I can help with the most crucial thing. I can give you software from BHP. Just type /s space your search term. If your search matches a software title, I will send you that software. Otherwise, I will do nothing, simple. I will just wait for your next command which can be none other than /s.”
The Assistant is available at your service in the BHP’s Telegram Groups. You can also ask it privately with the username @blindhelp_bot.
Please note that this is very initial version, so slow response may be expected sometimes. If you encounter some unusual behavior, do let us know in the groups and we will try our best to train the assistant.
With Best Regards,
The BHP Team.