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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Temporary Suspension of our Web-Based Services

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Greetings to the users of our websites and services.

We are reaching out to our visitors to notify them about some of the crucial developments which have recently taken place. To make sense of recently occurred events, it would be vital to recognize the background based upon which they have taken place. BHP has provided its users access to all the services which are to the long-term benefit of our communities around the world. Consequently, Access to these services for individuals living in undeveloped countries has greatly revolutionized their access to diversified fields such as education, lifestyle and independent living. Since visually impaired community suffers from poor economic conditions which are mostly caused by lack of skills, BHP believes in providing technological solutions to all the communities being indiscriminate of their monetary conditions.

This however, is not supported by predominant businesses and tech giants. Therefore, BHP constantly endures infliction by divergent businesses. Most of the times, BHP proposes businesses to open gateways of easy mediums of payments in undeveloped countries. Given that the negotiations bear fruit, BHP removes the free product from its website, and encourages and educates its users to purchase the product.

Now, by reason of multiple attacks by large businesses around the world, BHP has to suspend its web-services for undefined period of time. This should be kept in mind that this is not applicable to other means of support which are hosted by BHP from outside of its web-domain. We hope that we continue to stand to our motives backed by the huge support by our communities around the world. We also hope to be able to resume our services to ensure the liability to the users of our services.

We request our communities to support us at the times of tribulations by investing their time into our forums hosted by BHP at Telegram and Facebook to provide assistance to individuals in need. If you would like to show your support publicly, then use @InfoBHP on Twitter and for reaching us out privately use the email address hello @ (remove the spaces around @, these are to prevent spam crawlers).

With regards.

The Blind Help Project.