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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Celebrating 74th Independence Day of Pakistan

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Greetings all, Freedom is a blessing which forms the basis of an individual or a nation. BHP is celebrating the 74th Independence day of Pakistan.
For the past 73 years this nation has learned to survive every hardship that world can imagine, yet contributing to the development and peace of the world. There were too little resources in 1947 but the officers used thorns instead of common pins to attach papers and used their personal furniture. Our air force was titled as a small flying club but we proved our strength in multiple wars. We lacked technical training institutes but we produced the youngest Microsoft certified professional. Our research institutes are not heavily equipped but we gave the world “Human Development Index”. Our economy is not that strong but we are amongst the top countries for hosting refugees. In this time of pandemic, we implemented smart lockdown policy which the world is now appreciating. Due to this our recovery rate is crossing the 92% mark.
Before we totally forget about it, Let us introduce what we have to offer to our beloved supporters on this day.

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Remember the activity we organized before Eid? Today we are presenting the promised part. It was suppose to be presented on Eid, but. You will find out in the video.


Public Webinar:

We will be appearing in a public webinar at 4 PM today according to Pakistan Standard Time. Be sure to join us.

That’s all for this Independence Day special update. Stay connected and keep supporting.

With Best Regards,

The BHP Team.