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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Introducing Covid-19 Resource Center

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Howdy to all visitors, along with hoping for your satisfactory intellectual and physical state, we are here to introduce an amazingly beneficial section on your favorite web forum. The current difficulty of time asks us to be strong enough in order to face it by spreading positivity and optimistic approach for ourselves and for the surrounded once instead of becoming an addition as another difficulty.

What We Have to Do:

Every picture has 2 sides. All we have to do is find the bright side in order to survive in the situation. In this pandemic we can’t go outside, means unlimited amount of time, which is the most precious thing in this world. It’s time to utilize our time in best possible manner.

BHP's Contribution:

By continuation of the above discussed approach, BHP presents a dedicated new section called "Covid-19 Resource Center" in order to help you to survive effectively in a productive manor. this section has the capability to make you benefited in terms of three favors, which include showing tracker, making you aware of latest NEWS, and allow you to share positivity by sharing beneficial contents with fellows. Moreover these three parts are listed below.

  1. Tracker: An accessible, feature rich real time statistics tracker that tells total cases, recoveries, deaths and much more. Each count has percentage mentioned to help you better annalyse the situation. The section is further divided into two parts:
    • Global: Gives the overall situation of the world.
    • Countries: Shows the complete profile of more than 210 countries. It also have the capability to detect your country automatically.
  2. Resources: A community-driven resource section. This is the place where the community suggests various resources to help you stay productive during the pandemic. Help us grow this section by submitting new resources and rating on existing ones.
  3. NEWS: Top trusted sources and stay away from fake news. Keep your mind free from psychological attacks of fake news and read the trusted authentic news only.

The entire center have been constructed with the day and night efforts of our Department of Web Development. Here we would like to specially thank our Contributor Mr Ding Teksong from Malaysia for helping us with some of the codes in the Tracker section.

its time to click on Covid-19 Resource center, and get benefited as you want.


The BHP Team.