Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Auto Speaker

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Operating system: 

Those of us who like using the speaker phone feature know that it's frustrating to always press the speaker button.
It's not always possible during driving to switch to speaker or even during a normal call the phone may fall and then you will need to switch to speaker mode

This is a tool that monitor during a call check if Speaker mode should be enabled and enable it for you with and buttons pressed.
featured not included
the app does NOT change the dialer application installed and does NOT change the monitor off settings of the phone


decide how a call should start - on speaker mode or by checking the sensors
auto reactivate tool after reboot
use orientation sensor to sharpen needs - useful if you want to talk and want to put the phone faced down for devices with speaker on the back
home widget to check on tool status



this app was tested on OS version 2.1 ,2.2 ,2.3,4.x
this app was NOT tested on OS version 3.x
this is NOT an alternative dialer so it will not replace any features you dialer have
Orientation sensor is used to detect the situation that the device is upside down (for example on the table)