Saturday, June 10, 2017 2:44:51 AM

Public campaign for Urdu TTS, please support us!

As you know, the Urdu is one of the biggest language of the world, but still there is no efficient  Text-to-speech engine available for any platform. There are many languages in the field of TTS, those are covered by many famous companies who are running their TTS solutions in the market. But none of them is paying attention towards Urdu language.

So in the first step, we are requesting Google to add Urdu language in their android's text-to-speech engine called "google TTS". For this purpose, we have started a petition on This petition required supporters as much as possible, from all over the world to build a strongest impression. So we would like that you, as the BHP lover, sign this petition by visiting the following link. If you are not the Urdu speaker, even then sign this patition just for the sake of social cause, and for helping your visually impaired community. Don't worry, they will not ask any private information - you will just need to enter your e-mail and comment while signing the petition. Also copy the link from the address bar after visiting that page, and share in your circle, and ask your contacts to contribute towards this campaign. You can also directly share the petition to the various social media networks from that page as well.

So, Let's do it now and here!:


Name Active E-mail Edit link Roles
Janell Janell No Pending verification
Gia Gia No Pending verification
Catalina Catalina No Pending verification
Chetna More Yes Pending verification
Ingrid Ingrid Yes Pending verification
baha merey Yes
John Estep Yes Pending verification
sansen quilab Yes Pending verification
Brigette Brigette Yes Pending verification
François Houlbrèque Yes
raja kamkipati Yes
Teresa Decker Yes Pending verification
amar dandale Yes
Devin Prater Yes
Putera Blind Yes
Sachin Antony Yes
khurram khokhar Yes
Imran Hafiz Yes
zvonimir stanecic Yes Contributor
Antonio Antonio Yes
mohammad mohajer Yes
suaptana nimcharoen Yes
Inamuddin Khan Yes
Thet Py Oo Yes
ayadi saief Yes
Tino Wolf Yes
Raha Tehrani Yes
Saylien Brown Yes
Carlos Gonzalez Yes
andre fourie Yes
kunal goel Yes Contributor
ryan quilab Yes
Maruti Paramwad Yes
Alyce Alyce Yes
Freya Freya Yes
Dario Dario Yes
Toney Toney Yes
Misty Misty Yes
Tangela Tangela Yes
Joel Joel Yes
William William Yes
Mario Mario Yes
Ronald Ronald Yes
Leonard Leonard Yes
Kimberley Kimberley Yes
Ludie Ludie Yes
Regan Regan Yes
Leticia Leticia Yes
Leonida Leonida Yes
Celia Celia Yes
Senaida Senaida Yes
Bart Bart Yes
Justin Justin Yes
George George Yes
Darius Amini Yes
Eduardo Eduardo Yes
Christina Christina Yes
Gloria Gloria Yes
Tyree Tyree Yes
Jerrell Jerrell Yes
Harry Harry Yes
Arletha Arletha Yes
Claude Claude Yes
Demi Demi Yes
Lonnie Lonnie Yes
Suhas Dharwad Yes
Faustino Faustino Yes
Michel Michel Yes
Marisa Marisa Yes
Kristine Kristine Yes
Christy Christy Yes
Emily Emily Yes
Iona Iona Yes
Georgetta Georgetta Yes
Lily Lily Yes
Kraig Kraig Yes
Glory Glory Yes
Shona Shona Yes
Jaimie Jaimie Yes
Bruno Bruno Yes
Kazuko Kazuko Yes
Dann Dann Yes
Susannah Susannah Yes
Alyssa Alyssa Yes
Williams Williams Yes
Marian Marian Yes
Joey Joey Yes
Paulo Benjamin ... Yes
Kendrick Kendrick Yes
Deidre Deidre Yes
Ouida Ouida Yes
Brigida Brigida Yes
Fawn Fawn Yes
Refugia Refugia Yes
August August Yes
Jaunita Jaunita Yes
Vicki Vicki Yes
Madge Madge Yes
Allie Allie Yes
Junko Junko Yes