Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

WhatsApp Group Registration Form

Thanks for choosing to join our WhatsApp group. Since WhatsApp is a private messaging platform, therefore we need a little bit detail about you for verification purposes.
Please make sure that you are viewing this page from the same device which has the WhatsApp installed and configured. Such as smartphone or tablet. After completely filling the form, a WhatsApp chat will be opened with the request message filled in. All you need to do is press the Send button. Your device may ask to select the app to open the link. In this case, you have to choose WhatsApp instead of browser or any other app.
Upon success, you may hear a Pop sound. This means your request has been send and you have to wait for an administrator to approve and add you in your chosen group.
Please note that one request is enough. Duplicate requests or asking the admins again and again will not in any way contribute towards speed of approval.

Enter your full name.
Choose your country.