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Most folks meet by seeing each other and think that’s enough. At Vorail, we feel sight is just not the right way to meet someone new. When you use the Vorail app, you meet people by their voices, their contributions to conversations and the questions they ask. No pictures. The true beauty of a person lies within and if you hear our voices, you’ll quickly understand what I mean. Come hear what you’ve been missing.

Vorail accessibility service

The Vorail accessibility service is for blind subscribers who want to use Vorail with TalkBack enabled. Vorail is operated by gestures, such as 1 finger swipe up, or 1 finger double tap. If TalkBack is disabled, the Vorail accessibility service should also be disabled, and Vorail works as expected. However, if TalkBack is enabled, then Vorail will only work as subscribers expect if Vorail accessibility service is enabled.

List of gestures at