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Tarzan Junior

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Tarzan Junior is a new exciting game for the visually impaired. It's an audio adventure that will take you on an amazing journey you'll never forget. In this fast action packed game, you'll fight off animals in the jungle, kill tigers that try to eat you, swing on vines, climb in trees, and many, many more fantastic adventures.

General game instructions.

When playing this game, make sure to unload your screen reader for the game to work better and faster. To navigate in the menus in the game, use up and down arrow keys to move through the options, and enter to select. To skip eventual dialogues between levels, or the intro, press enter. If you want to change the volume of the background music in the game, you can press page up and down to turn the volume up and down respectively. To turn off the music completely, press end, and to turn it back up to full volume, press home. When you are in the actual "game" you can press p to pause the game, To hear your score, press s, to hear your strength, press h and to hear how many lives you have remaining, press l. When pausing the game, you'll come into a new menu with several options. Resume game: let's you continue the game at the position where you paused it. Save game: will save the current game to continue it later. Cancel game and go back to main menu, cancels the current game and takes you strait back to the main menu. Also, when you have got your slingshot, you can buy more rocks for it, by choosing that option which will appear in the pause menu. You pay for the rocks with your points, so don't buy too many unless you want to end up with a really bad score. You have to pay 10 points for each cartridge of rocks; one cartridge contains 5 rocks for the slingshot. When you choose the option in the pause menu, the program automatically calculates how many cartridges you can buy for the points you currently have, and displays a menu with different numbers. These numbers are the number of cartridges that you can buy, choose one and press enter. You also have an option in the menu that says instructions. If you choose that one, you will get a brief description on how the menu works and how to buy rocks.


Save/load saved game.

You can save a game to continue it later if you like. To do that, follow these steps:

  • 1. While in of the one levels in the game, press p to pause the game
  • 2. In the pause menu, choose "save game
  • 3. Voila! If you play the registered version, a voice will say, "game saved"

To load a saved game, simply choose "load saved game" from the main menu. There's just a little problem. Tarzan junior saves the current game in a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a text file which many webpages save to your hard drive. For example, if you ever have purchased something online, and filled in info about yourself in a form And, next time you load the page, maybe the text boxes already have your info in them? That's probably a cookie. Since Tarzan junior is coded in JavaScript, it needs to use cookies; there is no other way. But the problem I wanted to come to is, it's possible that you or someone else has disabled cookies, or set their expire date to around 1 day or so. The game in Tarzan junior will only be saved for as many days as the expire date is for cookies in your web browser. If you have disabled cookies, saving won't work at all