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Survive the Wild (Always Latest Version)

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Survive the Wild is a game, whare your goal is litterily survival! If your a nature fan then this game is for you! You have to do anything from body satisfaction such as eating, drinking etc, to making your own items to help the game along, to hunting animals for your belly, and for there fur, to voiaging out far into the sea to see if there's any such thing as even kind of modern sivilisation near you, and much, much much more!

main features

  • This game is very configurable, with many options that can be changed if you don't like something!
  • This game also has a great online comunity, so if you connect, you always have many people to ask questions about things!
  • Roleplay is not forced in this game, but if you decide to do it, you can start some quite awesome adventures!
  • This game has many things you can do, with more being added all the time! If you want to be nothing but a hunter, killing pray and storing it as trofies, you can! If you want to be very social in the game and meat many new people, do that! If you'd like to be a traveler, going far out to sea or traveling the land to see what you can find, then goe right ahead! And much much more! It all depends on creativity!
  • In this game you are supposed to be creative! You can decide on every action your character takes, and if your creative, you can do many many things, and well? It's just really fun!
  • If you decide to release your rath on another player, you can start up a player killing fight, and se if you can kill your aponent and get all of there stuff!
  • This game also has a very great and helpful admin comunity. If theres something that you need help with, more then likely ther'll be an admin online to help you as much as possible!
  • This game has something that most accessible online games don't have, the ability to voice chat! Just hold in the V key, speak, then release the button and anyone around you will hear your message!
  • While most of the game and almost everything in the game is completely free, it is possible to purchase small upgrades for your character like teleporters, death free cards, stat boosts, all for a quite reasonable price!
  • In this game, you can craft many items that can help the game progress, usually found with the resources around you.
  • While the game was created spisificly for blind/VI players, there is a visual mode that shows the text on the screen, atempting to at least make the game at least sort of accessable to sighted people.
  • While the game is called survive the wild, were trying to make sure that it's still a game, and not a sim that no one will play because of how realistic it is.
  • The game is quite freaquantly updated to that what's in the game already never really has the opertunity to get borring!

And much much more!



Survive the wild is mostly free, for the most part. It's completely free, just so long as your willing to, well, survive the wild more realisticly. The only thing that isn't free is upgrades such as teleporters, death free cards, health_boosts, etc. And if you want more from the game such as the ability to have an unlimited inventory of items, a character that will never ever get purged, and possibly other future abilities, you can purchase a full stw account for $15.95. The game is easy to download and install, then you just have to create an account and start playing! If you would like to purchase upgrades or an account, you are able to do that from the survive the wild store. Note that upgrades are not necesary, it's completely your choice. I mean, it can be nice to not die when you should, after all... And upgrades are pretty cheep. You can get 5 teleporters for $1.49 USD, for example. And again it's your choice weather you want to pay for anything at all. It can be nice, but you really don't lose much from the games experience by not paying for upgrades.