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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Little Boss Lemonade Stand V1.1.0

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Lemonade Stand is a turn-based audiogame intended to introduce young people to the world of business by running a lemonade stand. You control everything from selecting your location, ordering and managing supplies and advertising around the neighborhood to mixing the perfect lemonade recipe and setting your prices.

There are 3 playing modes and 3 difficulty levels to challenge even the most savviest of entrepreneurs.

Here are the available keyboard commands:

Up arrow or numpad 8 = move up.
Down arrow or numpad 2 = move down.
Left arrow or numpad 4 = move left.
Right arrow or numpad 6 = move right.
Note: The keys listed above will be referred to as directional keys for the remainder of this document.
This game is menu driven, players are prompted to make choices.
Directional keys = Move through the list of available choices.
Pressing ENTER, RETURN, or SPACE will activate the highlighted selection.
Pressing ESC (the escape key) will allow you to escape out of most menus.
Pressing "r" or "R" will repeat the last prompt in most menus.
S = speak the highlighted letter phonetically.
In text entry mode:
Use the keys on your keyboard to input text.
F1 - will give you keyboard entry mode specific help.
F2 - will repeat text entered so far.
ESC (the escape key) - will clear the entire entry.
Backspace- will delete the last letter or number you typed.
In yess or no prompts:
Pressing "y" or "Y" will return yes.
Pressing "n" or "N" will return no.


You win the game by earning enough cash in the appropriate amount of time. For example, if you selected to earn $100.00 in 30 days, earning $100.00 or more within 30 days will allow you to achieve your goal and win. You lose the game by running out of money or exceeding the time limit.