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Kuku FM (Audiobooks and Stories)

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The best Indian app to listen to Audio stories and learn from Audiobooks. Get entertained from stories in 10+ genres like Love, Horror & Crime OR Learn from Audiobooks across Money, Habits, Self - Help & Motivation.

Binge Worthy Audio Books:

Listen to world popular audiobooks and upgrade your life now. Pick from a collection of 1,000+ audiobooks, from biography to personal finance to life management. With new books added every week, there’s always something new to listen to.

New and Top Listened Audio Books:

  • Think and Grow Rich.
  • Chanakya Niti.
  • Swami Vivekananda.

and more.

Audio Book Summaries (Learn More in Less Time):

Gone are the days when it took weeks for you to finish a book. Kuku FM provides a smarter alternative to old-fashioned book reading- Audiobook summaries! Pick from a collection of 10,000+ world popular books and finish listening to one book each day! Book Summaries not only save you on time, but also provide you with all the necessary learnings in an uncomplicated way! Enjoy popular books from various categories such as motivation, self-help, spiritual and business in your language.

Best Audio Book Summaries to Begin with:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad.
  • Power of Habit.
  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.
  • The Secret.
  • Mini Habits.

Entertainment with Audio Stories:

Grab your headphones and get ready for an unlimited dose of entertainment. Our stories and shows range from thriller, crime to comedy, health and education to romance. Kuku FM has stories for just about everyone. With Kuku FM you will never run out of entertainment.